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1981 Company Founded
Atlatl, Inc. was founded in 1981 and operated under the name of Accu-Rater, Inc. until January 3, 2000. Our initial product was a personal computer based comparison rating program for North Carolina insurance agencies.

1983 Choice of Partners Puts Emphasis on Technology
In 1983, the founders of Atlatl brought in two partners. These partners were both from EDS. The choice of partners set Atlatl on a course of emphasizing technology. This pattern has been a constant. Atlatl sees itself as a technology company and our growth philosophy has been development using new technologies as opposed to geographic expansion of a static product.

1985 First Proprietary Point of Sale Program
In 1985, Atlatl released its first proprietary point of sale software rating system. This was a North Carolina rating program with application completion and printing for Integon. These products added value by embedding consistent underwriting rules behind the rating process to more accurately qualify insureds. They also cut the cost of issuing a policy by reducing mailing costs.

1988-1991 Point of Sale Enhancements
In the late 80's and early 90's, Atlatl continued to add improvements to the growing base of proprietary point of sale systems. These improvements included features such as electronic upload of business, payments, and endorsements, as well as field issuance of policies. These products added value by reducing the costs incurred in processing transactions.

1991 First Windows Product
In 1991, Atlatl completed its first rate and issue policy management system for use in The Travelers operation centers. These also became the first products Atlatl designed for Windows.

1993 Download of Policy Databases
Download of complete agency policy databases from the insurance company to the agency was implemented on a national basis in the mid 90's. These products added value by reducing the cost of communicating with the agency force. Now the agent did not have to call the company service representatives to find out payment or policy status.


1995 Third Party Vendor Access
A major focus of projects was the ability to transfer data to and receive data from a wide variety of third party programs. These included outside report providers for comparison rating vendors, state insurance departments, state motor vehicle departments, and back office processing and financial systems. These products add value by providing more decision making information at the point of sale, by reducing the re-entry of information by agents, and by reducing processing cost to the insurance company.

1998 Built-in User Maintenance Features and the Internet
Atlatl concentrated development on two areas. First, we have focused on building tools around our products that allow our customers to maintain many functions themselves. This is an opportunity for the customer to be more self reliant and to save in the long run. Second, we have developed World Wide Web products. In 1998 Atlatl released its first real-time rating products on the Internet which add value by reducing the time to market for program changes. With these products, the insurance company can have a presence on the World Wide Web.

2000 JAVA and the World Wide Web
Currently, Atlatl is focusing on a range of new products for the World Wide Web. These products feature Java based objects. Programs are written using ODBC and XML data elements. These products are both business-to-business and business-to-consumer products.

2003 Acrobat Fillable Forms
Acrobat forms offer a wide varierty of fascinating capabilities. Their interactive abilities with databases is a feature that most companies are just beginning to recognize. The widespread use of the free Acrobat Reader, and its platform independence are rapidly making this a valuable tool. The ability to run custom javascripts has even allowed us to incorporate complete rating, application completion and data upload into a single Acrobat form.

Atlatl has in depth experience in providing downloadable forms for your agents. Atlatl can have the Acrobat forms interact with databases to prefill information before the download of the form and to submit updated data to databases after the agent has completed the form.



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